Many many years ago, early in 2004, mentor sy that I loved, pak chat Ojat dg I in the back porch of the House on the rock (now sdh so hotel). Terrace that overlooks a small swimming pool, and a small child were still children fun swims. This is the second visit he wrote to my home to give mentoring directly to me and bu Wati. From Jakarta by plane at their own expense, spending 2-3 days at home. It was in hand, he is no great Crackle bag, we normally use to coat the dumpster. Maybe he took it from a drawer in the kitchen. He asks this:  "Mr. Sigit, now this father can casually chatting with me, yesterday Mr practices, to the Office, playing with children because of what?. Why the father can do all that?  ".

I frowned krn do not understand the direction of the talks. Then he stood over and apologize to me. Crackle bag last slowly conflated to my head. From there I started trouble getting air. I'm not trying to let go of the plastic that krn believe Mr. dg Ojat. After quite a long breathing difficulties, bag kresek was finally released from my head.

He sat back and ask again:  "at the time the head covered the bag, what father think? ".

My answer:  "I was just thinking how to get air ".

He laughed and asked again:  "is the last father think of yummy this morning drinking what?, then where do we go?, what else would do? ".

I replied accordingly wrote I think:  "all is not thought of again. That thought is just how do I get the air  ".

Then he began to explain that at this time we can do anything, because the air is very abundant around us, circulating and out entering our body. If there are limitations of air, then our minds be restricted too, namely how to get air. For example when we are immersed, certainly no other thoughts reply appears in addition to how to get air.

Money also so, its nature similar to the air because we die without air, without money us half to death. If money could freely exit sign in our lives, we hardly ever think about money anymore. The thought and attention we can get onto other things. Conversely, if the money is not free out on because the little income or the huge expenditure, then we are just going to think HOW to GET the MONEY. It's another thing will be knocked out of our minds.

That's the advice from Mr. Ojat, my second mentor before being taken over the Pack of Aldi wrote even higher knowledge. Now Mr. Ojat join free and independent WWF dg in the woods for wildlife rescue programs. He wrote a very nice person, sincere guide us both and some business friends another reply.

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