Many people can not tell the difference between the asset building and work to earn some money. Their wants while building an asset if you can also receive money. It's an impossible thing, but many are mengiming imingi that way and many were stuck ... er interested.
To be able to find out if in fact you are building an asset or not, there are two questions you need to answer are:

Where it comes from the money you earn? :

1. from assets that are already built. This is the meaning of building assets, i.e. money earned from assets that are already built.
a. Conventional  You initially began handing over money to a system that manages your money. Then the results come down to you. Its assets in the form of shares, deposits, kost, livestock, home investment and others. This is called the money off the top.
b. you build consumer network (Network Marketing and MLM). Bonus money comes from products that are sold on your network. Money from you for you, or so-called money from the side.

2. Not of assets that you have built. For example money game lunches MLM. The money obtained from new members, as a condition to enter the network. The network is already so its content people are also waiting for money from a new person. Here you do not build assets, because your network is simply not contribute anything. His money from prospective members or money from below.

The next question is when will you receive the money? :
1. you recently receive its money after its assets so. You called work of building assets. When its assets were little, then the result is small. When the assets were already enlarged, then the result is also great. When building a new hotel, you can get money from the hotel after his hotel so it. So also when you build a store or business networking, You recently receive its money after the consumer chain in your business shopping and there's a turnover there.
2. you have received the money at the time was building assets. Here you are being paid to wake someone else's property assets. If "network", the money could come from a new Member, and most came from the company. Here you work for money, wake up other people's assets, i.e. the owner of the system or the company. Of course your earnings any time will stop, because you really don't have any assets, you are only a part of a company.

If the direction of the influx of money is correct, for example, money from the top that is the investment yield, then live judging results it makes sense or not?.  The investment gives the advantages far above bank interest, e.g. above 30% a year, it is likely that abal abal. Why are there people or companies who want to struggled to share with you if he had access to huge profits?. Why not just bank loan?

Earmarks money games or investment abal abal barely changed, such as using the names of officials, artists, community leaders and so on. The agribusiness said has specialized marketing or product processed so it could sell several times the normal price.  Often it is also wrapped with religious jargon jargon or the environment. QSAR first armed Islamic business, and it is as though powered by magnifying the country which happens to be from religious-based parties. It was they who were invited to inaugurate the factory packaging products as well as the expansion of the ground. They say this as the beginning of the revival of the economy. Turns out it was just a money game. The money received from investors and said that the results benefit the production of vegetable soup, apparently from new investors deposit. The advantages of the industry's own farm really isn't there. He said marketing abroad, insurance from abroad are all just crap. After everything was dismantled because of the difficulty of cashflow, it was only known that they harm the investors with a value of 5.5 tons of gold.

That is not well thought out by the investor of yesteryear is, if someone can sell vegetable cabbage 6000 dollars per kilo, while the General market price is 1000 per kilo (Trubus Magazine). Why would he invite invite us to plant cabbage and share the profits of it with us? Why not buy a cabbage to local farmers with the normal price, then sell it at a price of super expensive? Whereas the nature of the common man is worried about himself.
If you have a special market or capable of processing so that it could be so much more expensive, why production almost without limit? Special markets or processed must have a limit point of saturated, why is there a large planting quantity?. The price is also courageous in predictions at the beginning, even though the price of the product any very volatile agro business. Also said to be without risk because there is insurance. If sayurnya damaged, 100% money back. Insurance where the brave took a very risky agribusiness products? For food crop insurance Government should bear most of the premiums.
Investors who are not savvy investment normally only see that others are already getting results, many of the major figures who participated, his opening was attended by princes of the Government, and so on. He may not know that in any money games, those who enter it first ya can definitely, and utilizing a magnifying or artist that Yes part of the classic strategy of investing abal abal (video pak Chandra). The original investors would run far far away if there are "extra expenses" as official invite.
All still many investors who enter, cashflow will be smooth and money games would go on. Money games will fall when there is a problem that causes a decline in confidence, so that new investors decreases. Money games will fall if more people are pulling their money before maturity, such as the case of WBG i.e. Rides Along Globalindo year 2007. Mutual fund dollars for many many years I follow with yields 28% a year. An intuition told me attract investments. Initially resistant but ultimately stand in the liquid in a week. Two months after I pull, WBG fell. Ex-kadinkes me at Tuban exposed to 1 billion. Shortly thereafter he stroke and died. In court, its Director says fell because investors from WBG Surabaya lots that attract investment. It turns out that the money game as well though in dollars.


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